Aqueous Parts Washer Detergent

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No matter how big and fancy the parts washer is, it will only live up to its full cleaning potential with the proper aqueous parts washer detergent.

As the most trusted name in the industrial parts washer industry, we backed that up with an extensive line of safe, eco-friendly aqueous parts washer detergents to meet a variety of tough cleaning needs. Our parts washer detergents were specially formulated by a team of chemists and blended specifically for use with Cuda parts washers, carefully engineered to speed the cleaning process and ensure superior results.

Unlike caustic petroleum-based solvents, Cuda detergents are easy to use and preferred for technicians and the environment. Many of them are biodegradable, and all are manufactured in our own custom detergent facility. Plus, advanced formula Cuda parts washer detergents feature an exclusive corrosion inhibitor package to protect your valuable equipment from rust.

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