The igniter or transformer is a major component required in a diesel-fired hot water pressure washer burner system. They provide the electrical current, which is transferred into the electrodes, resulting in a spark that ignites the diesel fuel being supplied into the combustion chamber by the fuel nozzle. When ignited, this diesel fuel continues to spray into the burn chamber, providing a flame that heats the water inside the heating coil, providing constant hot water for the pressure washer user.

Selecting the correct igniter or transformer for your power washer is crucial as there are numerous factors that need to be considered prior to ordering such as: hinge position, available in side-mount, rear-mount or back-mount configurations, electrical configurations available in 110- and 220-volt AC or 12-volt DC power options, as well as overall dimensions of the ignitor.

If you are uncertain as to which igniter your machine requires, please contact us for assistance. We’re always happy to help!

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