Misc. Hoses

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Interior Diameter (ID)

In addition to our selection of quality pressure washer hoses, we also feature hoses that are excellent for other applications as well including, hobby and garden hoses, push-on hoses, and clear vinyl hoses.

For the home pressure washer user, we offer a selection of strong, flexible garden hoses and hobby hoses that are designed specifically for use for lower pressure, home power washing applications.

Our push on hoses are sold in increments of 1 ft. and are ideal for use as either a fuel line hose to supply diesel fuel to the burner system, or as a low pressure bypass hose, often found connected in the unloader bypass loop.

Clear Vinyl Hose and Braided Vinyl Hose have a wide variety of uses on pressure washers and other industrial equipment. Our clear and vinyl tubing is lightweight, but this heavy duty hose has excellent wear resistance while also being resistant to a variety of chemicals and detergents.

These hoses are generally not recommend for use with high pressure or hot water.

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