Tagaway Graffiti Remover – Smooth Surface

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  • Easily Dissolves SPRAY PAINTS & MARKER
  • Spray on, Wipe Away
  • Doors – Fences – Lockers
  • Bathrooms – Signs – Siding
  • Trucks – Vehicles – Playgrounds
  • Size: Qt, 1 gal, 5 gal, 55 Gal



TAGAWAY® graffiti remover for PAINTED & SMOOTH SURFACES is a biodegradable liquid that wipes away the toughest ink markings and graffiti paints.

TAGAWAY® quickly dissolves and removes enamel paint sprays, lacquers, permanent marker inks, and adhesives.

Simply spray apply by quart trigger onto school lockers, white boards, public washrooms, trucks buses & trains, garage doors, trash bins, vending machines and more.

TAGAWAY® works fast! It is also effective in below freezing temperatures.


Non-flammable, Biodegradable, Fast acting, No phosphates, No methylene chloride,

No acids, Professional strength, V.O.C. compliant, Free rinsing, Economical


  1. Trigger spray TAGAWAY® onto graffiti.
  2. Let TAGAWAY® soak 5-15 seconds.
  3. Wipe away graffiti with absorbent rag or towel.


One quart trigger bottle removes 200 to 300 sq. ft.

 TAGAWAY® is available in 1 quart spray bottles (six per case), 1 gallon and 5 gallon containers