Fuel Pump, 220V Beckett CleanCut A2EA-6520

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  • 3 GPH
  • 3450 RPM
  • Right Hand Rotation
  • Includes 220 Volt Fuel Solenoid

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Part Number: 9.802-644.0
OEM / Old Part Number(s): 079642, 7-2184403U, 890494, 89417020, 98026440, X98026440
Manufacturer Item Number: A2EA-6520

Has your hot water pressure washer stopped producing hot water? It’s possible that your fuel pump has failed! A failed fuel pump will not supply the appropriate amount of diesel fuel to the burner system, eliminating the production of hot water. A simple fuel pump replacement may solve the problem.

This 9.802-644.0 Beckett A2EA-6520 Cleancut Fuel Pump is used on many brands of pressure washers including Hotsy, Landa, Karcher, Shark, Alkota, Hydrotek and more.


Weight 4.02 lbs
Dimensions 6.25 × 6.25 × 5.5 in
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