Spraying Systems Nozzle, H1/4U-5040 1/4″ MPT Brass

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  • Size 40 Orifice
  • 50° Spray Pattern
  • 1/4″ MPT
  • 500 PSI
  • Brass
Spraying Systems Co.
Genuine Spraying Systems OEM Nozzles


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Part Number: 8.708-266.0
Cross Reference Part Number(s): 254305B, 87082660
Manufacturer’s Part Number (MPN): H1/4U-5040

1/4″ MPT Brass VeeJet nozzles are excellent for low-pressure chemical and acid applications, up to 500 PSI.  The 8.708-266.0 features a Size 40 Nozzle Orifice with 50 Degree Spray Pattern.

  • Feather edge allows for wide coverage
  • Allows overlap for even application
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