Hotsy Ceramic Plunger Kit, 15mm

SKU 9.803-934.0 HOT Category

Hotsy Ceramic Plunger Kit, 15mm

SKU 9.803-934.0 HOT Category
  • 15 mm Ceramic Plunger Kit
  • Services one (1) cylinder

*Three (3) kits are required for complete pump repair



Part Number: 9.803-934.0-HOT
Cross Reference Part Number(s): 70-261404, 753040, 98039340, X98039340

This 15 mm Hotsy Ceramic Plunger Sleeve Kit includes ONE (1) each of the following: 15mm ceramic piston sleeve, plunger bolt, o-ring and copper spacer. Please purchase three (3) kits to replace all ceramic pistons in a Hotsy pump.

Ceramic Piston Sleeves can become damaged by a variety of factors, however the most common is when a user runs the pressure washer in bypass for an extended period of time. (Bypass means that the unit is running, but the trigger gun has been released and no water is flowing through the end of the nozzle). When this occurs, the water in the pump head heats up, causing the ceramic piston sleeve to also heat. When the trigger gun is then pulled, cold water is forced through the pump head. The action of the cold water making contact with a ceramic piston sleeve that has an elevated temperature, causes the ceramic to crack and or shatter. This requires immediate attention, so that further damage to the pump, unloader (pressure regulator) and other pressure washer components can be avoided.

See Additional Information for a complete list of compatible pumps.

Hotsy Pump Models

HD3030H, HE2020F, HE2825F, HE3525F, HG2530G, HG3030G, HG3035G, HG3535G, HG4030G, HHS335CR, HS330R, HS340R

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