Landa Pump Seal Kit, U Seal, 18mm

SKU 8.753-821.0 LAN Category

Landa Pump Seal Kit, U Seal, 18mm

SKU 8.753-821.0 LAN Category
  • 18 mm U Seal Kit
  • Rated for 185° F
  • Services three (3) cylinders

*One (1) kit is required for complete pump repair



Part Number: 8.753-821.0-LAN
Cross Reference Part Number(s): 87538210

Pressure washer pump water Seals are a wear item in a pump because of the intense pressure they are subjected to. Landa’s nested U-Seal technology holds up better.

The new technology of this U-Seal design, where the pump actually “nests” the seals of the pump’s high-pressure packing assembly in place, supporting the side walls, results in greatly increased seal life, allowing for extended time between seal replacement. The nesting assembly is stronger and holds up better to spikes in water pressure, which occur every time the gun is triggered.

Included in this U Seal Kit are the following components: 3 high pressure U-Seals, 3 low pressure U-Seals, 3 Teflon support rings, 6 seal support backing rings and 3 O-rings.

THIS KIT DOES NOT INCLUDE BRASS PRESSURE RING OR BRASS INTERMEDIATE RING. If the brass pressure or intermediate rings show sign of damage or wear, please purchase a Complete Seal Kit.

See Additional Information for a list of compatible pumps.

Landa Pump Models

LT4540L.2, LT4540R.2, LT6036L.2, LT6036R.2

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