Karcher HD Super Class

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Up to 4.5 GPM | 3200 PSI

  • eco!efficiency Feature
  • Axial Drive Karcher Pump
  • Auto Shutdown
  • Easy!Force Trigger Gun
  • 7 Year Pump Warranty
  • 1 Year Labor Warranty
  • ETL Safety Certified

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For tough jobs in non-stop use.

Where vast amounts of dirt accumulate every day, reliable Kärcher super class models provide indispensable services. Ideal for use in the construction, agricultural and forestry sectors as well as industrial and municipal facilities.


  • Robust, three piston axial pumps feature detergent resistant brass cylinder head and stainless valves; pumps is protected by pressure switch and overflow valve.
  • Low speed, 4pole, air cooled motor runs quieter and cooler than conventional motors thus prolonging its service life
  • EASY!Force gun with cruise control like technology uses its own recoil force to hold the trigger down so no more sore hands after hours of use

ETL Listed Karcher 7 Year Pump Warranty Easy!Force Easy!Lock Auto Shutdown Flat Free Tires Servo Control Anti!Twist Full Ceramic Valve 3-4 Hour Runtime Eco!efficiencyCETA Certified


ModelPart No.GPMPSIHPElectricalAmpsPumpDrive
HD 3.5/30-45 Ea1.286-908.01.8-3.5435-30009220/240V / 1ph28Karcher AxialDirect
HD 4.5/32-45 Eb1.286-909.02.2-4.5435-320010230V / 3ph25Karcher AxialDirect
HD 4.5/32-45 Ec1.286-910.02.2-4.5435-320010460V / 3ph14Karcher AxialDirect


Part No.Description
4.118-005.0EASY!Force Trigger Gun
4.112-000.041″ Spray Lance
6.110-030.050′ EASY!Lock Hose with ANTI!Twist Connection
2.113-022.0Power Nozzle, 045 (for HD 3.5/30-45 Ea)
2.113-025.0Power Nozzle, 055 (for HD 4.5/32-45 Eb)
4.118-008.0Servo Control
2.112-000.0Inno Foam Kit
2.112-015.0Gutter Cleaning Lance
4.112-035.0Flexible Spray Lance
6.110-049.0Pipe Cleaning Hose 65′, 1740 PSI
6.110-050.0Pipe Cleaning Hose 98′, 1740 PSI
6.110-008.0Pipe Cleaning Hose 65′, 3625 PSI
2.111-023.0FR TR 50 ME Hard Surface Cleaner
2.111-012.0FRV TR 30 ME Surface Cleaner
2.111-011.0FR 30 Surface Cleaner
2.111-010.0FRV TR 30 Hard Surface Cleaner
4.115-000.0Wet Blasting Attachment
2.113-020.025° Power Nozzle for Appling Cleaning Agent
4.114-019.0Dirtblaster Nozzle, 035
4.637-033.0Detergent Injector for High Pressure

■ Included  □ Optional
All listed accessories are compatible with EASY!Lock System


Product Sheet - Karcher HD Super Class
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