Adjustable Nozzles

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Nozzle Size Calculator

To determine your nozzle size enter your pressure washer’s Gallons Per Minute (GPM) at the Pounds Per Square Inch (PSI) you would like to operate at.

If your result is higher than 10, round DOWN to the nearest available nozzle size.

Improperly sized nozzles can damage your pressure washer or result in compromised cleaning ability.

If you have questions about selecting the right nozzle after using our calculator, please call us at:

(509) 547-2323

Nozzle Size

Nozzle Size (Orifice)
Spray Angle
Connector (Thread)

A quality pressure washer variable fan nozzle is an inexpensive, must-have attachment for any pressure washer and it should pay for itself in saved time and energy in just a few uses.

Our variable spray pattern pressure washer nozzles are such a useful tool! Simply turn the head to adjust the angle of spray desired. Quickly adjustable from a zero degree, pencil shot spray pattern to a wide angle 80 degree spray pattern, this adjustable fan nozzle replaces an array of quick connect nozzles and eliminates the time needed to remove and replace male threaded nozzles from pressure washer wands.

Or choose our Variable Pressure Nozzles; a simply push or pull on the nozzle body changes from high to low pressure, and turn the nozzle body side to side to adjust spray pattern from 0 to 80 degrees.

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