Water Maze Industrial Water Treatment Systems

Water Maze water treatment systems are specifically engineered for businesses that must meet stringent State and Federal requirements for wastewater disposal. Improper wastewater disposal or incorrect selection of products and/or water treatment technologies can be a costly mistake. Equipment selection should involve a Northstar application expert that can assist and guide the buyer through the process. We evaluate your local water treatment system requirements against Water Maze’s best available technologies and select the optimum combination to meet your regulatory requirement. Typically, multiple products and/or multiple water treatment technologies become part of the total solution. Our water treatment systems can be designed to permit reuse/recycle, discharge to sewer, or evaporation of your waste stream — often resulting in virtually zero wastewater discharge.
Experience the Northstar Experience! Water Maze technology, combined with Northstar’s 40 plus years of industrial water treatment experience, is your best partner for wash water and industrial water treatment systems.

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