SKU 1.103-401.0 Category


SKU 1.103-401.0 Category
  • Up to 15 GPM
  • 125-gallon stainless steel tank
  • Ultra-violet ozone generator uses special mixing procedure to ensure up to 99% contact of bacteria-killing ozone in wash water
  • Stainless steel baffles direct water flow for optimum treatment
  • Automatic oil removal and disposal
  • Specially designed sheen filter polishes the water before discharge Water-resistant control box for automatic operation of pumps

Water Maze

The ALPHA-1500D model is a highly effective above-ground oil/water separator and is designed to discharge wash water at rates of up to 15 GPM. The ALPHA-1500D incorporates: a low-profile stainless steel tank; stainless steel baffles positioned for optimizing the water flow; proprietary coalescing “Maze” grids that maximize the oil coalescing process; ultra-violet ozone generator for odor control; automatic oil skimming and decanting; NEMA control center for automatic operation.


Model Part No Description Coalescing Area Flow GPM
ALPHA-1500D 1.103-401.0 Above-Ground Separator 500 sq ft 1 – 15


Part No Description
8.903-694.0 Auto-Water Discharge (automatically switches between recycle and discharge modes)
8.903-647.0 ORP/pH Digital Controller, Model 250, 2 pumps
8.913-332.0 Lid, Aluminum


Alpha-1500D Product Sheet Product Sheet – Water Maze Alpha-1500D
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