Unloader Valves

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A pressure washer unloader, also referred to as a pressure regulator, is an important component that provides a safety feature, both for the pressure washer user and the pump. Unloaders are designed to recirculate water through the system when the trigger gun has been released. Because a positive displacement pump is always trying to deliver water when running, regardless of whether the trigger is being activated or not, the unloader valve recirculates water from the outlet back to the inlet side of the pump. This relieves the pressure that would otherwise build up dangerously, presenting a safety risk and also increased wear on the equipment.

Here you’ll find a selection of PA unloader valves, AR and General Pump unloader valves, plus Suttner, MV, Mecline, Hotsy, Admiral and other miscellaneous pressure regulators.

Not certain which unloader valve is right for your pressure washer? Give us a call for assistance!

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