High Boy Indexing Polishing Filter

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  • Carbon steel exterior with a stainless steel interior
  • Stainless Steel exterior option
  • Includes a collection container for spent paper and sludge
  • Exterior mounted drive motor with a covered housing
  • 82-gallon tub Included

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The High Boy IPF solids dewatering unit utilizes inexpensive fabric media to filter out solid particles. Fabric paper, which is supplied in 5, 20, and 50 micron sizes, is automatically indexed onto a recessed conveyor belt made of high tensile, non-metallic material. As water and solid particles drain through the fabric paper, solids are retained by the fabric paper. As the fabric paper blinds over, the water level will rise, a float will actuate a drive motor and gear system, the conveyer belt will index forward allowing the spent paper to fall into a collection container and new paper to index onto the conveyor belt. The IPF can be applied for pre-treatment, post treatment, or as a stand alone treatment system.


Model Part No Description Flow GPM Container (gal)
High Boy 1.103-488.0 High-Boy Indexing Polishing Filter 1 – 20 Optional
High Boy Special High-Boy Indexing Polishing Filter w/82 gal tub 1 – 20 82
High Boy – SS Special High-Boy Indexing Polishing Filter w/all carbon steel components made of Stainless Steel 1 – 20 82


High Boy IPF Product Sheet Product Sheet – Water Maze High Boy IPF

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