Custom Clarifier System

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  • Customizable to fit unique water treatment needs
  • Flow rates at up to 30 GPM (6.8 cubic meters/hour)
  • Expand system capacity
  • UV- and corrosion-resistant

Water Maze


Customized clarifiers can incorporate many options tailored to your unique situation. Start with a bare tank and add the options to optimize the treatment of your water. The CLT models are capable of pre-treatment, sewer discharge or recycling of wash water with flow rates of up to 30 gallons per minute. Not limited to but may include, belt-mop skimmer, auto-purge systems, auto-circulation systems, pH (only) controller, ORP/pH controller, dual pH Controller, and Bio-remediation.


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{f1}Model;;;{f1}Part No;;;{f1}Description;;;{f1}Capacity (Gal);;;{f1}Flow GPM;nn;
CLT-600;;;Special;;;Modular Clarifier System Base Unit;;;600;;;1 – 30;nn;
CLT-300;;;Special;;;Modular Clarifier System Base Unit;;;300;;;1 – 15;nn;


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{f1}Part No;;;{f1}Step-Base Unit;;;{f1}Description;nn;
Special;;;3A-600, -300;;;Belt Mop Skimmer, 120 V/6 Amp, w/Oil Decanter Container;nn;
Special;;;7B-600, -300;;;AMC-1000D Auto-purge System (85 psi) 120 V/2 Amp +*;nn;
Special;;;7D-600, -300;;;pH (only) Contoller, Peristaltic Pump, 120 V/1 Amp +*;nn;
Special;;;7G-600, -300;;;Auto-water Discharge/Circulation Valve System, 120 V/2 Amp +*;nn;
Special;;;7E-600, -300;;;Integrated Compact CoAg (in lieu of stand-alone Compact CoAG module) +;nn;
Special;;;7F-600, -300;;;MetalR+ Chemical Injection Package (option to be used only w/CoAg modules) +;nn;
8.906-478.0;;;7H-600, -300;;;Sludge Tub with Lid;nn;
Special;;;6-600, -300;;;Self Cleaning Screen (mounted inside CLT);nn;
;;;;;; ;nn;
{f1}CLT-600 ONLY;;;;;; ;nn;
Special;;;7A-600;;;600-gallon Mounting Shield +;nn;
Special;;;3B-600;;;Coalescing cones (2) w/Funnel Oil Skimming, without Oil Decanter Container;nn;
Special;;;4B-600;;;8 Additional Coalescing Cones (for a total of 10);nn;
Special;;;7C-600;;;UV Ozone System (4 bulb), 120 V/9 Amp +*;nn;
Special;;;2-600;;;CoAg Mixing Chamber (inside CLT tank);nn;
Special;;;5-600;;;Biomedia Kit (EoFill);nn;
;;;;;; ;nn;
{f1}CLT-300 Only;;;;;; ;nn;
Special;;;7A-300;;;300-gallon Mounting Shield +;nn;
Special;;;3B-300;;;Coalescing cones (2) w/Funnel Oil Skimmer, w/Oil Decanter Container;nn;
Special;;;4A-300;;;4 Additional Coalescing Cones (for a total of 6);nn;
Special;;;2-300;;;CoAg Mixing Chamber (inside CLT tank);nn;
Special;;;7C-300;;;UV Ozone System (2 Bulb), 120 V/9 Amp +*;nn;
;;; ;;;+ Factory Install Only. * Requires Rain Guard & Bracket option. NOTE: Sump pump sold separately.;nn;


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{i}https://northstarhotsy.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/Universal-Clarifier-Product-Sheet-150×150.jpg{/}{l}https://northstarhotsy.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/Universal-Clarifier.pdf;Product Sheet Universal Clarifier;1;{/};;;{l}https://northstarhotsy.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/Universal-Clarifier.pdf;Product Sheet – Water Maze Universal Clarifier;1;{/};nn;

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