Compact CoAg Module

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  • Four mixing chambers and chemical injection ports
  • Integral electrical control center with automatic shut-down system
  • Skid mounted steel chassis

Water Maze


The Compact CoAg Module employs chemical coagulation and flocculation water treatment technology to enhance and speed up the process of removing suspended solids and most types of emulsified oils. This product utilizes a patented process for applying and mixing proprietary blends of chemical coagulant (CoAg+) and flocculant (EC+) to effectively de-emulsify oils and to agglomerate suspended solids. The Compact CoAg Module is typically combined with a separator/final blending tank that has unique internal piping, along with an auto-purge system that results in very little standing water within the system at the end of the day.


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{f1}Model;;;{f1}Part No;;;{f1}Description;;;{f1}Coagulation;;;{f1}Flocculation;;;{f1}Flow GPM;nn;
Compact CoAg;;;1.103-510.0;;;Compact CoAg Module;;;Chemical;;;Chemical;;;1 – 20;nn;
Compact CoAg;;;Special;;;Integrated Compact CoAg*;;;Chemical;;;Chemical;;;1 – 20;nn;
{f120}*Integrated Compact CoAg Special requires CLT-600 (sold separately);;;{f120} ;;;{f120} ;;;{f120} ;;;{f120} ;;;{f120} ;nn;


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{f1}Part No;;;{f1}Description;nn;
8.921-729.0;;;pH (only) Controller with one peristaltic pump electrically interfaced with the infeed pump / sump pump circuit+;nn;
8.921-730.0;;;AMC-1000D, Auto-Purge System+ Includes: mounting of control center on the chassis of the Compact CoAg and the air actuated auto-purge valve supplied as a loose item (compressed air required 3 cfm @ 85psi);nn;
Speical;;;MetalR+ Chemical Injection Package+;nn;
;;;+ Factory installed Only: Sump pumps sold separately. Compact CoAg must have a separator tank downstream.;nn;


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{i}https://northstarhotsy.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/Compact-CoAg-Product-Sheet-150×150.jpg{/}{l}https://northstarhotsy.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/Compact-CoAg.pdf;Product Sheet Compact Coag;1;{/};;;{l}https://northstarhotsy.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/Compact-CoAg.pdf;Product Sheet – Water Maze Compact Coag;1;{/};nn;

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