PM-1000D Pit Management System

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  • Easy in-field installation
  • Fits most brands of water treatment systems
  • Effectively reduces odor
  • Biology consumes oils, grease, hydrocarbons, etc.
  • Steel cabinet protected by epoxy powder coat finish

Water Maze

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The PM-1000D provides a fully automated, environmentally friendly and low-cost way to manage standing wash water found in collection pits, tanks or sump drains. A module that incorporates: an air pump; diffuser stones, microbes and nutrients injection system with timer, it is designed to be integrated into most wash waster treatment systems utilizing aeration and automatic injection of a highly effective microbial agent (BioStax 1800) for eliminating oils, greases and other hydrocarbons and organics typically found in collection pits or sump drains.


Model Part No Description
PM-1000D 1.103-467.0 Automatic Pit Management System
PM-1000D Special Pit Management System with Regenerative Blower and 10 Jetter Diffusers


PM-1000D Product Sheet Product Sheet – Water Maze PM-1000D
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