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Annovi Reverberi pumps, also known as AR pumps, are used in high pressure applications such as pressure washing, misting pumps, cooling pumps, sewer jetting equipment, carpet cleaning, reverse osmosis equipment and for numerous applications within the agricultural industry. AR Pumps are constructed of die-cast bodies with brass pump heads, and thick ceramic plungers for long life and durability and are used on Hydrotek, Delco, Aaladin and other hot water and cold water pressure washers.

Annovi Reverberi pumps are found not only in many of the various name brand equipment coming off the production line, but AR also makes replacement pumps for just about every pressure washer out there.

We offer direct-drive, electric-flanged Annovi Reverberi pumps, solid shaft AR pumps and nearly any Annovi Reverberi pump you require. If you’re unsure which pump you need for your pressure washer, just give us a call.

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