Karcher NT 48/1 Wet-Dry

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  • Mobile, all-purpose wet / dry vacuum for small to medium jobs and multiple locations
  • Integrated handle ensures easy and comfortable transport
  • Optional front mounted squeegee for more productive pickup

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The NT 48/1 has a container capacity of 13 gallons. The wet/dry vac is equipped with an integrated cable hook and an accessory storage for suction tubes, floor tool and crevice tool. The large cartridge filter with large filter surface provides a constant high suction power of the machine. The reliable float system provides a safe interruption of the air flow by all absorbed fluids. The drain hose is easily accessible, sturdy chassis with big wheels and castors made of metal with fixing brake and integrated recessed grip at the container a comfortable transport is enabled.


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{f1}Technical Specifications;;;{f1} ;;;{f1} ;nn;
Vacuum width, floor tool;;;Inch;;;12;nn;
Vacuum hose length;;;Ft;;;8;nn;
Power cord length;;;Ft;;;25;nn;
Waste container capacity;;;Gal;;;12;nn;
Operating noise level;;;dBA;;;72;nn;
Air flow rate;;;CFM;;;142;nn;
Waterlift;;;In of Water;;;80;nn;
Dimensions (LxWxH);;;Inch;;;19 x 15.3 x 30.3;nn;


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{f1}Part No;;;{f1}Description;nn;
1.428-623.0;;;NT 48/1, 13-gallon wet/dry vacuum;nn;
9.840-844.0;;;NT 48/1, 13-gallon wet/dry vacuum with front mounted squeegee;nn;


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{f1} ;;;{f1} ;;;{f1} ;nn;
6.414-789.0;;;Cylindrical dust filter;;;■;nn;
6.904-285.0;;;Paper filter bag (5-pack, 1 bag incl. with machine);;;■;nn;
6.906-512.0;;;All-purpose nozzle;;;■;nn;
6.900-385.0;;;8.3″ All purpose crevice nozzle;;;■;nn;
4.440-626.0;;;8 ft. x 1.375″ hose with comfortable hand grip;;;■;nn;
6.900-514.0;;;Metal suction tube, 1.4″ x 1.6 ft.;;;■;nn;
6.906-240.0;;;Crevice nozzle, 1.4″;;;■;nn;
6.904-211.0;;;Wet filter bag;;;□;nn;
6.906-384.0;;;14.6″ all-purpose nozzle*;;;□;nn;
6.907-409.0;;;10.2″ plastic all-purpose nozzle;;;□;nn;
6.907-408.0;;;14.2″ plastic all-purpose head†;;;□;nn;
6.906-383.0;;;17.7″ aluminum all-purpose head*;;;□;nn;
2.860-113.0;;;Upholstery hand tool;;;□;nn;
2.860-144.0;;;10″ turbo nozzle with reducer 35/32;;;□;nn;
6.903-033.0;;;11.4″ crevice tool;;;□;nn;
6.905-988.0;;;4.7″ plastic upholstery nozzle, 35mm ID;;;□;nn;
6.903-034.0;;;Radiator brush (for use with 6.900-385.0);;;□;nn;
6.903-035.0;;;Plastic, pipe diameter 3.9″ ;;;□;nn;
6.903-862.0;;;Suction brush, natural hair, pivotable, 35mm ID;;;□;nn;
2.860-116.0;;;Nozzle set, crevice tool, upholstery too, round brush, 35mm ID;;;□;nn;
2.863-147.0;;;All-purpose brush, soft bristles, 35mm ID;;;□;nn;
8.622-960.0;;;Replacement 15″ squeegee blade;;;□;nn;

*Features: height-adjustable, cylindrical, brush strips, and oil resistant squeegees
†Features: cylindrical, brush strips, and oil resistant squeegees

■ Included  □ Optional


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{i}https://northstarhotsy.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/NT-48-1-Product-Sheet-150×150.jpg{/}{l}https://northstarhotsy.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/NT-48-1.pdf;Product Sheet NT 48/1;1;{/};;;{l}https://northstarhotsy.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/NT-48-1.pdf;Product Sheet – Karcher NT 48/1;1;{/};nn;

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