Power Shine, Advanced Formula, 5 Gal

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Vehicle Wash

Dilution Ratio 1:25 to 1:150
Foaming Action High
pH 12.1
Reaction in Hard Water (TDS) Very Good
Approvals & Registrations Biodegradable
Infotrac Listed
Kosher Certified


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Part Number: 8.759-842.0
Cross Reference Part Number(s): 87598420, 89049120, 8.904-912.0

Power Shine Advanced Formula is unmatched in its ability to totally clean cars, trucks, buses, tractors, trailers, RV’s and off-theroad equipment. Power Shine Advanced Formula gives a clean, professionally shined appearance every time. Power Shine Advanced Formula contains a set of ingredients that result in extremely fast and effective removal of grease, oil, dirt, smoke trails and road film. Highly concentrated and excellent on oxidized paint and polished aluminum. Works well in cold water and even better with hot water. May also be used as a pre-soak or pre-spray in more demanding areas.

Recommended Applications and Uses:

  • Cars, trucks, busses, RV’s, trailers, tractors, and trains
  • Road film, clay, salts, dirt, bug residue, diesel smoke, and oxidized paint
  • Aluminum, stainless steel, and fiberglass
  • Other painted and unpainted equipment and surfaces


Power Shine Product Sheet Product Sheet – Hotsy Power Shine, Advanced Formula
Power Shine SDS Safety Data Sheet (SDS) – Hotsy Power Shine, Advanced Formula
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