Paint & Powder Coat Stripper, 5 Gal

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Effective Paint & Powder Coat Remover

Dilution Ratio Ready to Use
Foaming Action None
pH 13.5
Reaction in Hard Water (TDS) Best
Approvals & Registrations OSHA/WHMIS/GHS Compliant
Kosher Approved


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Part Number: 8.905-099.0
Cross Reference Part Number(s): 89050990

Hotsy Paint & Powder Coat Stripper is a fast and effective alkaline stripper. It dissolves all types of stubborn paint and powder coats, including epoxy finishes.  With a dilution pH of less than 12.5 this product is NOT EPA hazardous waste. 

Recommend Applications And Uses:

  • Iron & Steel

DO NOT USE on aluminum, magnesium, or galvanized metals.


5 Gal


Paint And Powder Coat Stripper Product Sheet Product Sheet – Hotsy Paint & Powder Coat Stripper
Paint and Powder Coat Stripper SDS Safety Data Sheet (SDS) – Hotsy Paint & Powder Coat Stripper
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