Karcher B 110 R

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  • Cylindrical or Disc Scrub Deck
  • 37″ Suction Bar
  • 30″ Cleaning Path
  • Front bumper and driving lights
  • Side scrub deck for close to the edge cleaning
  • Adjustable comfort seat
  • Hill driving assistant and automatic electronic brake

Models shown may include optional features

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Outstanding suction performance.

The brand-new B 110 R is perfect for all floors.  The robust front bumper prevents damage to the machine and other objects, while speed dependent water supply saves on water and detergents. The newly designed squeegee picks up more water and requires less attention, and the adjustable seat allows workers to feel more comfortable during long shifts.

Eco!flow KIK System Autofill Easy Operation Configurable US Green Building Council LEED Seal


Technical Specifications
Cleaning path / widthInch30
Brush type Clyindrical or Disc
Brush quantityUnits2
Brush diameterInch4″ cylindrical, 15″ disc
Suction bar (squeegee) widthInch37
Drive Traction
Solution / recovery capacityGal29 / 29
Theoretical / practical productivitySq Ft/ Hr48,440 / 31,485
Operating noise leveldBA59-74
Battery charger Shelf
Brush contact pressureLbs165
Brush speedRPM180 - 1200
Drive / vac motor ratingWatts600
Vac motor suctioncfm53
WaterliftIn of Water68
Weight without batteriesLbs1190
Dimensions (LxWxH)Inch65 x 30 x 52
Minimum turning radiusFeet2.87
Climbing ability - maximum slope% Grade10
Max working speed workingMPH3.8


Part No.Description
9.841-441.0BD 75/110 R Bp, Wet battery, 30″ disc scrub deck
9.841-444.0BD 75/110 R Bp, AGM battery, 30″ disc scrub deck
9.841-445.0BD 75/110 R Bp, Wet battery, 30″ cylindrical scrub deck
9.841-449.0BD 75/110 R Bp, AGM battery, 30″ cylindrical scrub deck


Part No.Description
4.778-007.0950 mm parabolic squeegee
2.763-005.0D 75 scrub deck*
2.763-047.0R 75 scrub deck*
4.039-366.0Linatex squeegee blade set
4.035-065.0Red brush (for R 75 scrub deck)
6.907-731.0Green brush (for R 75 scrub deck)
6.907-732.0Balck brush (for R 75 scrub deck)
6.907-730.0Orange brush (for R 75 scrub deck)
6.907-729.0White brush (for R 75 scrub deck)
4.039-357.0Polyurethane replacement squeegee blade
2.644-231.0Spray suction kit
4.039-350.0Warning beacon kit
4.039-327.0Lid with tank rinsing
2.644-245.0Dose system
4.035-406.0Home Base box
4.039-349.0Mop Home Base attachment kit
8.622-835.0Trojan T105 225 Ah battery
8.632-254.0Discover EVG76A-A 255 Ah battery
8.644-222.0Shelf charger for wet batteries
8.643.374.0Shelf charger for AGM batteries
8.644-917.0Right side scrub deck

*Depending on model selected

■ Included  □ Optional
◆ Optional, must be installed at the factory.


Product Sheet - Karcher BD 75/110 R Bp