Oil Burner Nozzle, 2.50 x 90BZ w/ Check Valve

SKU 8.754-892.0 Category
  • 100 PSI Check Valve
  • 2.50 GPH
  • 90° Spray Pattern
  • Solid Cone Spray Pattern
Genuine Delavan OEM Nozzle


Part Number: 8.754-892.0
Cross Reference Part Number(s): 87548920

This 8.754-892.0 Delavan 2.50 x 90BZ Burner Nozzle INCLUDES a 100 PSI Snap Fuel Nozzle Check Valve; the new-style of burner nozzle filter element. This sintered filter is designed to reduce plugged fuel nozzles, eliminate excessive smoking of the burner at start up and reduce soot buildup in the pressure washer coil.

This 2.50 x 90BZ fuel nozzle with 100 PSI Snap Fuel Nozzle Check Valve delivers 2.50 GPH of diesel fuel in a 90 degree SOLID cone spray pattern and can be used with # 1 or # 2 diesel or kerosene, and can be used to replace standard 2.50 x 90B Fuel Nozzles.

Suitable for use on waste oil furnaces & heaters this Delavan Fuel Nozzle is also used on a variety of on diesel-fired hot water pressure washers.

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