Hose Hanger, Hotsy

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Genuine Hotsy OEM Parts


Part Number: 8.719-946.0
Cross Reference Part Number(s): 861644, 87199460, 95-0710861644

This 8.719-946.0 Hotsy Hose Hanger mounts easily into the stainless steel coil wrap of most models of portable Hotsy pressure washers. This hose hanger offers onboard storage of the high pressure hose, to protect it against damage from the elements as well as being run over by vehicles and equipment.

This Hotsy Hose Hanger requires no screws or bolts to mount as it it designed to slide easily into the stainless steel hose hanger sleeve welded to the coil wrap.

Fits Hotsy portable hot water pressure washers. Please consult our Hotsy Operator’s Manuals section to determine if this item is designed for use with your pressure washer.

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