MTM Hydro MG4000 Unloader Valve w/ Switch, 3000 PSI 10.0 GPM

SKU 8.712-720.0 Category
  • Max PSI: 3000
  • Max GPM: 10.0
  • Max Temp: 195°F
  • 3/8″ FPT Inlet, Outlet & Bypass
  • Red Spring
  • Includes Microswitch

MTM Hydro Parts


Part Number: 8.712-720.0
Cross Reference Part Number(s): 463111K, 87127200
Manufacturer’s Part Number (MPN): 18.0161

MTM Hydro’s MG4000 unloader series is a trapped pressure unloader that has universal 3/8″ ports for mounting, installation, and bypass requirements. The Microswitch feature of this Unloader allows for time -delay shutdown, or immediate shutoff of supporting accessories such as a burner. This rapid response system mounted on your unloader allows for shutoff without waiting for another switch further down the line to catch the change in pressure.  The microswitch can be used as either Normally Open (NO) or Normally Closed (NC). The MG400 unloader readily competes and regularly replaces competing models such as the VRT3 or Pulsar Unloaders. With its enticing price point, this Italian designed and manufactured unloader can be found across dozens of industries including Mobile Cleaning, Car Wash Installations, Mining, Auto Detailing, and many more.






3/8" FPT

Connector / Inlet

3/8" FPT


3/8" FPT

Unloader Features

Includes Switch

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