Pressure Washer Wand, 79″ Oval Molded Chrome, Legacy

SKU 8.752-897.0 Category
  • 79 Inch Length
  • 5250 PSI
  • Max Temp: 300° F
  • 1/4″ MPT Inlet and Outlet
  • Chrome-Plated
  • Oval Insulated Molded Grip
Genuine Legacy OEM Parts


Part Number: 8.752-897.0
Cross Reference Part Number(s): 87528970

Use this 8.752-897.0 79″ Pressure Washer Wand for power washing wheel wells, undercarriages, or under the hood for up close cleaning. Rated for use up to 5250 PSI, with 1/4″ MPT ends, this  wand is designed for use on nearly all pressure washer trigger guns, quick couplers and specialty nozzles. The insulated grip is molded to comfortably fit the curvature of the hand, and allows for use on hot water pressure washers, protecting the power washer user from burns and excessive heat.

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