Stack Saver

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Waste Oil Heater Vent Stacks are commonly damaged by sliding snow and ice on sloped metals roofs.  Often their protection is neglected and forgotten.  Add support and divert snow with a Waste Oil Heater Vent Stack Saver from Northstar.

  • Deep Snow Cutting Fin
  • Winged Deflectors
  • Fits Pipes size 1″ to 14″

Designed to fit vents, chimneys or stack pipes that measure 1″ – 14″ across.  The Waste Oil Heater vent Stack Saver Protects a standing profile of approximately 14″ and includes a snow diverter wing kit for panel valleys measuring 14″ or wider. Please note that there is a minimum 14″ area required between the major ribs, centered behind the pipe, to use the snow diverter wing kit. Wing kit spacers are provided to straddle minor ribs, if present in the panel. The use of the wing kit is optional and is not required.

The Waste Oil Heater vent Stack Saver is made from non­corrosive, powder-coated aluminum and stainless steel aircraft cable. Also provided are stainless steel nuts, bolts and heavy duty 1 1/2″ lag screws.  The Stack Saver will flt any roof pitch and an ifinite array of sizes from 1″ to 14″ around.  The massive fin has a 14″ standing profile that is designed to protect taller roof stacks, chimneys, gas vents and masts.  The beauty of the Waste Oil Heater Stack Saver is the variety of applications it will fit as well as the ease of installation.

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