Steam Hoses

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Interior Diameter (ID)

Find high temp steam hoses made by Goodyear, the number one name in rubber product manufacturing.

Our ‘combination’ steam and pressure hoses are perfect for use by those who need high pressure for a power washing job and later switch to steam for deep cleaning. These Goodyear steam hoses do both jobs very well.

These single-wire braided steam hose units utilize a high-tensile strength wrap and both ends of each hose feature high-temperature bend restrictors, allowing for an extremely strong yet flexible steam hose. The Goodyear high pressure steam hose can operate at pressures of up to 3000 PSI when the water temperature being used is at 250°F or below. They will also function as steam hose lines at up to 325°F when pressures are at 350 PSI or less. All are fitted with 3/8″ MPT solid connectors at both ends. Swivel ends are NOT available.