Defoamer, 5 Gal

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  • Bio-Degradable
  • Controls Foaming
  • Dilution: Over 1:500
  • Additional Sizes: 1 Gal, 55 Gal


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Too much foam can limit water pressure, negatively affecting cleaning efficiency. Cuda Defoamer is a fast acting, biodegradable agent that suppresses foam build up in soak tanks and automatic parts washers. It can be used with Cuda Phosphatizer as it does not interfere with phosphatizing.  Cuda Defoamer is extremely user-friendly, readily biodegradable and works effectively in hard or soft water. The high dilution ratio makes the cost-in-use very economical. Because Cuda Defoamer is formulated to be used in automatic parts washers, it is compatible with any metal, painted or plastic pieces that can be cleaned in a parts washer.

Recommended Uses: Parts Washers, Soak Tanks, Floor Scrubbers, Carpet Cleaning Machines, Ultrasonc Cleaning and Wash-Water Recycling Systems.


Defoamer Product Sheet Product Sheet – Cuda Defoamer
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