Karcher BR 35/12 C Bp

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  • Steerable scrub deck allows for scrubbing in any direction
  • Brush height is adjustable for multiple floor types
  • Eco!efficiency mode increases operating time by 50%, and reduces noise by 40%



The race is always won in the corners.

Thanks to our innovative steerable scrub deck, the BR 35/12 C Bp can clean up to the wall at a 90° angle. It can also clean in reverse, or in any other direction.  The height-adjustable, telescoping steering column allows optimal ergonomics for any operator.

The Karcher BR 35/12 Bp is a compact and lightweight battery-powered scrubber dryer that prevents slipping and leaves the floor dry immediately after cleaning. This battery-powered model’s folding steering column is ideal for portable use, and prevents tripping over a power cable. Perfect for cleaning small shops, restaurants, gas stations, supermarkets, bathrooms and sanitary areas.

Lithium Ion Battery USGBC Leed Rating  eco!Efficiency 

Part Number:
1.783-470.0, 17834700


3/3 Gal

Cleaning Path

14 in.


Technical Specifications    
Cleaning path / width Inch 14
Brush type   Cylindrical
Brush quantity Units 1
Brush diameter Inch 3.8
Suction bar (squeegee) width Inch 18
Drive   Brush-Assist
Solution / recovery capacity Gal 3 / 3
Theoretical / practical productivity Sq Ft / Hr 11,000 / 6,600
Operating noise leve – std Eco! mode dBA 66 / 62
Battery charger   On-Board
Battery runtime Min 66-90
Battery charging time Hrs 1-3
Battery lifetime – est charging cycle x Thousand 3
Brush contact pressure Lbs 29
Brush speed RPM 700-1,500
Vac motor rating Watts 280
Vac motor suction cfm 42
Waterlift In of Water 32
Weight with batteries Lbs 77
Dimensions (LxWxH) Inch 39 x 18 x 51


Part No Description
1.783-470.0 BR 35/12 C BP, fourteen inch scrubber with cylindrical brushes


Part No. Description  
6.654-294.0 Lithium-ion battery, 21 Ah
4.037-035.0 Squeegee blade set, standard, oil-resistant, polyurethane
4.037-031.0 Cylindrical brush, red, medium
4.037-036.0 Cylindrical brush, white, soft
4.037-037.0 Cylindrical brush, orange, high/low
4.037-038.0 Cylindrical brush, green, hard
4.037-039.0 Cylindrical brush, black, very hard
4.762-009.0 Cylindrical pad, cylindrical shaft
6.369-053.0 Cylindrical pads on sleeve, yellow, soft
6.369-047.0 Cylindrical pads on sleeve, red, medium
6.369-052.0 Cylindrical pads on sleeve green, hard
4.037-040.0 Cylindrical microfiber pad, for daily cleaning of delicate surfaces
4.037-127.0 Squeegee blade, Linatex

■ Included  □ Optional


BR 35/12 C Bp Product Sheet Product Sheet – Karcher BR 35/12 C Bp

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