Strain Relief, 0.51″

SKU 8.716-598.0 Category
  • .51 inch NPT
  • Cord Diameter .18″-.31″
  • Liquid Tight


Part Number: 8.716-598.0
Cross Reference Part Number(s): 6-05300, 66415660, 826188, 87165980

This .51″ Strain Relief (aka Cord Grip), Hotsy Part Number 8.716-598.0, or Heyco 3210 is all nylon construction with a TPE sealing gland to resist water, grease, gasoline and other liquids.

Used to connect power cords to electrical equipment, such as burner motors, pressure washer motors and more, this strain relief power cord connector requires a .51″ Clearance Hole and accepts flexible cord diameters from .18 – .31″.

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