Hotsy Ceramic Plunger Kit, 20mm

SKU 9.802-620.0 HOT Category
  • 20mm Ceramic Plunger Kit
  • Services one (1) cylinder

*Three (3) kits are required for complete pump repair

Genuine Hotsy OEM Parts


Part Number: 9.802-620.0-HOT
Cross Reference Part Number(s): 70-260822, 87176170, 8.717-617.0, 98026200, X98026200

This 20 mm Hotsy Ceramic Plunger Sleeve Kit includes ONE (1) each of the following: 20mm ceramic piston sleeve, plunger bolt, o-ring and copper spacer. Please purchase three (3) kits to replace all ceramic pistons in a Hotsy pump.

Ceramic piston (plunger) sleeves can sometimes break or crack and require immediate replacement before causing further damage within the pump head. Broken shards of ceramic can damage the pump seals and pump manifold and can flow through the system causing damage to the unloader, hose, trigger gun, or clog a spray tip nozzle.

Identification of broken or cracked ceramic plunger sleeves can be difficult, however one sign to look for is milky or caramel colored pump oil, which indicates water has entered the pump body and mixed with the pump oil.

See Additional Information for a list of compatible pumps.



Hotsy Pump Models

H300, H300A, H300R, H400, H400A, H400R, HC215, HC235, HC240, HC280, HC450, HC450A, HC450R, HC460AL, HC460AR, HC460L, HC460R, HC500, HC500A, HC500R, HHC300AR, HHC500AR, HM4030, HM4030.1, HM4030L.1, HM5030, HM5030.1, HM5030L.1

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