Thermal Relief Valve, 1/2″ M x 1/8″ F 165° F, AP

SKU 8.723-943.0 Category
  • 1/2″ MPT Inlet
  • 1/8″ FPT Outlet
  • Trip Temperature: 165° F
  • 125 PSI Inlet Pressure
  • Automotive Style Wax Element
  • No Adjustment Required



Part Number: 8.723-943.0
Cross Reference Part Number(s): 458007, 87125380, 87239430

A must for any pump that might ever be left in bypass (unloading) mode for more than 15 seconds. This AP 1/2″ MPT x 1/8″ FPT Thermal Relief Valve installs in the bypass line and protects the pump from overheating by recirculating water.  It is designed to open when the temperature within the pump manifold reaches 165° F and automatically resets at cool down to 115° F.

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