Karcher SGV 8/5

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  • One easy-to-use switch controls all operation
  • Self-explanatory symbols means less training required
  • Our unique design allows you to refill the water while in use
  • The included hand tool features an adjustment knob that allows you to adjust the water/steam regulation and turn the vacuum on and off


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Chemical free hygiene, non-stop.

The SGV 8/5 steam vacuum cleaner is designed to deliver exceptional cleaning results with ease. With a steam pressure of 116 PSI and a hot water temperature of approximately 158°F, this efficient cleaner ensures powerful performance. It offers three-stage steam flow control, allowing you to adjust the intensity based on your cleaning needs. Say goodbye to chemical cleaners as the SGV 8/5 provides an environmentally friendly and chemical-free cleaning experience. Its self cleaning function ensures long-lasting hygienic cleanliness, making maintenance hassle-free. Using this machine is a breeze, thanks to the intuitive display that shows the operating status and any service/error messages. The EASY dial allows you to quickly and effortlessly select from seven different steam/vacuum operating modes. During operation, the ergonomic steam/suction gun provides direct and flexible control over steam flow, rinsing mode, and vacuum function. Additionally, the SGV 8/5 is suitable for noise-sensitive areas, thanks to its energy-efficient and noise-reduced eco!efficiency mode.

USGBC Leed Rating 

Part Number: 1.092-020.0, 10920200


Technical Specifications    
Steam pressure PSI 116
Heating output W 3000
Heat-up time Min 7
Boiler temperature °F 343 (Max)
Hot water temperature °F 158-343
Fresh water tank / Dirty water tank Gal 1.3 / 1.3
Cable length Ft. 24.6
Voltage V 150
Frequency Hz 60
Weight (without accessories) lbs 88.18
Dimensions (LxWxH) Inch 25 .5 x 19.5 x 38


Part No Description
1.092-020.0 SGV 8/5, commercial steam cleaner and wet vacuum


Part No. Description
2.863-011.0 Round Brush Set (3 brushes)
2.889-005.0 Floor Nozzle, 12″
2.889-006.0 Brush Strips (for floor nozzle 2.889-005.0)
2.889-007.0 Rubber Strip, 12″ (for floor nozzle 2.889-005.0)
2.889-008.0 Hand Nozzle
2.889-009.0 Brush Strip, 6″ (for hand nozzle 2.889-008.0)
2.889-010.0 Rubber Strip, 6″ (for hand nozzle 2.889-008.0)
2.889-011.0 Adapter
2.889-028.0 Crevice Nozzle
2.889-052.0 Adapter for Attaching Round Brushes
4.440-009.0 Steam Suction Hose
2.889-004.0 Extension Tube Set (2 pieces)
2.889-058.0 Extension Tube Set (1 Piece)
2.889-053.0 Triangular Floor Nozzle
2.863-007.0 Round Brush Stainless Steel Set, 3 Nozzles (very hard bristles)
2.863-008.0 Round Brass Brush Set, 3 Nozzles (hard bristles)
2.863-009.0 Round Pekalon Brush Set (medium-hard bristles)

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SGV 8/5 Product Sheet Product Sheet – Karcher SGV 8/5
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