Karcher SG BP Gum Remover

SKU 1.013-104.0 Category

Karcher SG BP Gum Remover

SKU 1.013-104.0 Category
  • Low pressure fuel canisters are designed to ensure delivery of proper fuel volume and safe operation
  • No cords ensures safety and convenience
  • No harsh residue-safe on all surfaces



Turn up the heat on gum removal.

The Karcher SG 1 C BP is a portable gum remover. Powered by a single lithium ion battery, this gum remover is quiet and offers up to 4 hours of uninterrupted operation. Gum is removed in 4-6 seconds, and it is safe to use on stone, concrete, and even carpet. Great for maintaining shopping malls, schools, train stations, airports, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, and super markets.

USGBC Leed Rating 


Technical Specifications    
Run Time Hrs 4
Weight Lbs 11
Dimensions (LxWxH) Inch 4.5 x 13 x 20.5


Part No Description
1.013-104.0 SG1 C Bp, backpack gum remover


Part No. Description  
8.639-871.0 Service Pack*
8.642-880.0 Stainless Steel Brushes, 2 pack (black)
8.640-136.0 Polypropylene Brushes, 2 pack (green, for carpet and material)
8.638-579.0 12-pack of Gas Bottles
8.638-580.0 24 Liters of Gum Remover Solution
8.639-828.0 Charger
8.638-521.0 Battery
8.639-846.0 Lance & Hose

*Service Pack Includes: 2 LPG cartridges, 4 bottles of solution, 2 black stainless steel brushes, 1 green polypropylene brush. Expect 8-9 hours of run time.

□ Optional


SG Bp Gum Remover Product Sheet Product Sheet – Karcher SG Bp Gum Remover
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