Water Maze High Volume Water Blaster

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25 GPM | 500 PSI

  • 2 Electrical Configurations
  • Rugged self-priming, high-pressure diaphragm pump

Water Maze


When washing industrial equipment with heavy dirt and mud loads, we recommend our Water Blasters.  A quick and cost effective method for pre-washing equipment.  For a through cleaning, high-volume pumps are a much more effective way to knock off heavy dirt.


ModelPart NoDescriptionGPMPSIHPVolt/PHAmps
Water Blaster1.103-484.0High Pressure Cleaning2550010230/330
Water Blaster1.103-472.0High Pressure Cleaning2550010460/315

Dimensions (LxWxH): 42″ x 59″ x 62″


Part NoDescription
8.711-863.0Hose Reel, Cox 1/2″-100′ 1175-6-100-CVXX

Field Installed Option: Can be added to the machine at any time.


Product Sheet - Water Maze Water Blaster
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