Oil Burner Electrodes

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Oil burner electrodes are an important component of any hot water pressure washer burner system. The electrodes receive a spark from the electronic igniter, which in turn ignites the diesel oil being sprayed into the combustion chamber by the oil burner fuel nozzle. With use, the tips of the electrodes can wear, and the ceramics can become cracked, causing a poor spark which creates inefficiencies in the burner system.

Furthermore, if not adjusted correctly, the electrodes spark will not ignite the diesel fuel properly, resulting in poor performance of the pressure washer burner, which could cause expensive repair or service bills. If either of these issues occur, it’s time to install replacement electrodes, making certain to correctly adjust the electrode gap.

We carry a wide selection of Beckett, Wayne, and Crossfire oil burner electrodes for your needs. Please feel free to call us if you need help selecting the right electrodes for your unit.

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