Karcher B 40 W BP Disc

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  • Disc Brush
  • Traction Drive
  • 33.5″ Suction bar
  • Choose Wet or AGM batteries
  • 100% control of the speed of your scrub brushes allows you to balance scrubbing power, noise levels and power consumption
  • Decks can be changed quickly and without tools
  • The B 40 has six different cleaning modes so you can easily adjust the machine to fit your needs

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Quiet, compact, and customizable.

The B 40 C traction drive scrubbers feature: a 10.6 gallon fresh and recovery tank-in-tank design, interchangeable modular disc scrubbing head, 33.5” vacuum squeegee and Kärcher’s Intelligent Key system. The KIK system enables the facility manager to create a unique cleaning profile, making it easier to train users and operate the scrubber. KIK is used to set varying levels of authorized access by means of color-coded keys; yellow, grey and red; for operators, facility managers and technicians, respectively. Facility managers can set parameters such as travel speed, brush speed, motor output or cleaning solution output to suit the needs of the cleaning task. An operator’s key carries out the pre-determined settings, needing only to select their desired cleaning program from a rotary knob. As a result, only the required amount of energy and cleaning agent is used.

Easy Operation KIK System Configurable US Green Building Council LEED Seal Eco!efficiency


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{f1}Technical Specifications;;;{f1} ;;;{f1} ;nn;
Cleaning path / width;;;Inch;;;17-20;nn;
Brush type;;;;;;Disc;nn;
Brush quantity;;;Units;;;1;nn;
Brush Diameter;;;Inch;;;17-20;nn;
Suction Bar (squeegee) width;;;Inch;;;33.5;nn;
Solution / recovery capacity;;;Gal;;;10.6 / 10.6;nn;
Theoretical productivity;;;Sq Ft / Hr;;;21,530 / 17,200;nn;
Operating noise leve – std / Eco! mode;;;dBA;;;69-60;nn;
Battery charger;;;;;;On-Board;nn;
Brush contact pressure;;;Lbs;;;135-160;nn;
Brush speed;;;RPM;;;180;nn;
Drive / vac motor rating;;;Watts;;;130 / 500;nn;
Vac motor suction;;;cfm;;;47;nn;
Waterlift;;;Inch of Water;;;48;nn;
Weight with batteries;;;Lbs;;;307-384;nn;
Dimensions (LxWxH);;;Inch;;;49 x 20.5 x 45;nn;


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{f1}Part No;;;{f1}Description;nn;
9.841-373.0;;;B 40 W BP, traction drive, D 51 disc scrub deck, 24V/105 Ah batteries;nn;
9.841-375.0;;;B 40 W BP, traction drive, D 51 disc scrub deck, 24V/138 Ah AGM batteries;nn;


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{f1}Part No.;;;{f1}Description;;;{f1} ;nn;
4.777-411.0;;;Curved squeegee assembly, 33.5″ w caster, polyurethane;;;■ ;nn;
5.035-488.0;;;Home Base kit (adapter and cable hook);;;■ ;nn;
6.980-077.0;;;Double hook (requires Home Base kit);;;■ ;nn;
5.035-344.0;;;Operator key, yellow;;;■ ;nn;
5.035-348.0;;;Foreman key, gray;;;■ ;nn;
4.035-369.0;;;Lid with tank rinsing system;;;□;nn;
4.035-345.0;;;Quick fill tank system (requires Hose Coupling);;;□;nn;
9.083-003.0;;;Hose Coupling;;;□;nn;
6.273-207.0;;;Squeegee blade set, oil-resistant polyurethane;;;□;nn;
6.273-229.0;;;Squeegee blade set, anti-stripe oil-resistant;;;□;nn;
6.273-290.0;;;Squeegee blade set, for textured floors;;;□;nn;
6.273-213.0;;;Squeegee blade set, EPDM;;;□;nn;
4.777-401.0;;;Squeegee assembly w/ straight polyurethane reverseable blades;;;□;nn;
4.777-416.0;;;Squeegee assembly w/ curved EPDM blades;;;□;nn;
4.035-374.0;;;Home Base kit (incl. mop support, mop clip, and bottlehook);;;□;nn;
4.035-406.0;;;Home Base kit carrying case;;;□;nn;
6.980-078.0;;;Mop clip (requires Home Base kit 5.035-488.0);;;□;nn;
5.035-655.0;;;Plate mop bracket;;;□;nn;
5.035-656.0;;;Retaining mop bracket;;;□;nn;
6.980-080.0;;;Bottle hook (requires Home Base kit 5.035-488.0);;;□;nn;
4.035-408.0;;;Operator key, yellow (set of 5);;;□;nn;

■ Included  □ Optional


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{i}https://northstarhotsy.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/B-40-W-Bp-Product-Sheet-150×150.jpg{/}{l}https://northstarhotsy.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/B-40-W-Bp.pdf;Product Sheet B 40 W Bp;1;{/};;;{l}https://northstarhotsy.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/B-40-W-Bp.pdf;Product Sheet – Karcher B 40 W Bp;1;{/};nn;

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