Karcher BD 70/75 W BP Classic

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  • 41″ Suction Bar
  • 28″ Cleaning Width
  • Traction Drive
  • Adaptable to specific floor type cleaning needs
  • Large aluminum brush deck is tough and durable
  • Wet and AGM battery options are available

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Smaller, but still mighty.

This economically-designed scrubber provides you all the cleaning power to take on large jobs.  The BD 70/75 W Bp Classic auto scrubber provides excellent site-lines, a simple operator-friendly design, and robust materials for an efficient cleaning performance.  Like other models in the BP Classic series, the BD 70/75 scrubber has a powerful traction drive, which helps effortless travel of inclines and easy maneuverability. Components, which are exposed to extreme stress in tough working conditions, such as squeegee and disc brush head, are made from solid die-cast aluminum. With a 28-inch disc cleaning path, and a 20-gallon tank this scrubber can cover up to 30,645 ft² per hour.


Technical Specifications
Cleaning path/widthInch28
Brush type Pad
Brush quantityUnits2
Brush diameterInch14
Suction bar (squeegee) widthInch41
Drive Traction
Solution/recovery capacityGal19.8 / 19.8
Theoretical/practical productivitySq Ft/Hr30,645 / 19,920
Operating noise leveldBA63
Battery charger Shelf
Brush contact pressureLbs66 - 150
Brush speedRPM180
Vac motor ratingWatts500
Vac motor suctioncfm51
WaterliftIn of Water64
Weight with batteriesLbs512 Wet / 556 AGM
Dimensions (LxWxH)Inch57 x 30 x 42


Part NoDescription
9.841-466.0BD 70/75 W Bp Classic, 185 Ah wet batteries, shelf charger
9.841-467.0BD 70/75 W Bp Classic, 190 Ah AGM batteries, shelf charger


Part No.Description
4.762-590.0Pad drive board, Strong
6.369-003.0Pad, red, medium-soft (set of 5)
8.663-291.0Battery, 6V/190 Ah AGM (std. with 9.841-467.0, 4 required)
8.622-835.0Battery, 6V/185 Ah wet (std. with 9.841-466.0, 4 required)
8.643-374.0Shelf charger for 190 Ah AGM batteries (std. with 9.841-467.0)
8.644-222.0Shelf charger for 185 Ah wet batteries (std. with 9.841-466.0)
4.777-108.0Squeegee, 1030 mm
4.037-144.0Suction blades, 1030 mm, blue
6.371-333.0Pad, green, medium-hard
4.905-010.0Disc brush, red, medium
4.905-013.0Disc brush, black, hard
4.905-012.0Disc brush, natural, soft
4.905-011.0Disc brush, white, very soft
4.037-145.0Suction blades, 1030 mm, polyurethane
9.753-088.0Squeegee transport plate
4.444-015.0Suction hose accessory
2.644-140.0Warning beacon add-on kit

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