iK Multi Pro 2

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OPTIMAL USE: Disinfectants, Neutral products, Acids

  • Adjustable conical nozzle and fan
  • 64 Oz. Total capacity
  • 50 Oz. Usable capacity
  • Safety valve with depressurization option
  • Translucent tank with level indicator
  • Wide base for stability
  • Colored caps for product identification
  • Safety lock

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Part Number: iK81671

The iK Multi Pro 2 sprayer is well known by its maximum performance in terms of ergonomics, ease of use and safety. It offers a professional spraying solution to achieve optimum results in a wide range of sectors such as construction, cleaning and disinfection, virus, pest and epidemic control, automotive, industry and air conditioning (HVAC).

iK Multi Pro 2 is designed for maximum strength and versatility with the most aggressive chemicals. This sprayer is particularly resistant to acids.

LIMITED USE: Solvent-based pesticides, Alcohols, Oils, Solvents and Petroleum by-products
FOR USE IN: Building, Cleaning and disinfection, Industry and maintenance, Automotive and detailing, Pest control, Epidemics & virus control

Weight 1.7 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 6.25 × 6.25 in


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